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Crux Pet Adoptions

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If you are interested in adopting a pet please fill out the form below.

Adoption Information

We are passionate about habituating and training wolfdogs to live successfully in the world of people, and about finding the right owners for their individual needs. Every dog that we intake is spayed / neutered.

We focus on helping dogs in Oregon first, we do also intake from neighboring states in dire situations. We prioritize taking dogs from authorities and facilities where they are slated to be euthanized. We rarely take owner surrenders, when we do it is usually involving medical emergencies.

Our dogs range in content from extreme low to mid content. We DNA each dog, or one from each sibling group. Depending on where we are publishing our dogs, we do not always declare content in the posts because of the attention it draws, but we give full info to interested parties once vetted.

Our average dog is with us for 3 – 6 months. It takes time for them to become comfortable with people, for us to get to know their homing needs, and largely to find appropriate homes. We charge an average large dog spay / neuter fee for them; we do not recoup costs on the dogs but we do not give them away either. We believe getting a dog should be a weighty decision and we want every rescue to go to a home that has the resources to take care of them and their regular vet bills, as well as any emergency needs as they arise. High quality food alone for a big dog is a considerable cost that should be taken into account.

These dogs’ needs range considerably, but we don’t home any dog to a home without a decent sized yard with completed 6 foot fencing. Some of our rescues require lean ins and dig guards. There are very few that we would consider rehoming with kids under 12 yrs old. We rarely rehome to renters, but we consider those with long term history in a rental and with very amicable landlords.

We look for people with active lifestyles that integrate their dog into every aspect of their life, from work to home to holiday. Our rescues make wonderful adventure buddies and amazing companions for the right person / lifestyle.

Our dogs stay with us as long as it takes to find their perfect home. Our goal is to home once and home well.

Wolfdogs are generally large dogs and need space and outdoor time, as well as indoor. We adopt to home owners with large fully fenced backyards. Some of our dogs have special fencing needs, such as lean ins and dog guards. We rarely adopt to renters (only with years of rent history in one home and landlord consent). We Never adopt them out as ESA pets.

We adopt to people with Lifestyles that are conducive to these dogs getting to be with their owners and out in nature. Some of the dogs want a dog playmate, some want to be an only dog. We get to know their needs before we home them.

We adopt to people with experience with northern breeds. Our dogs are well trained but they don’t listen to someone before morning with them. It takes an experienced person to help them feel comfortable and earn their trust.

We do not take aggressive dogs, but most are shy. We do not home wolfdogs to households with children. Most need a quiet home life with few people wandering into their habitat.

If you are interested in a wolfdog and have the time, space, money, and energy for this mix fill out an application.

We welcome visitors, so even if you don’t have the desire or ability to own one, but would like to learn more and meet them, you can give us a call and schedule a visit, 432-638-8150.

Who We Look For

We look for adopters who are passionate, prepared, and realistic. This is not a complete list but Some of the questions that come up are: what are you gonna do with this dog when you go out of town? How many hours a day do you work? Where will the dog stay while you’re working? What is this dog for? Do you have or do you want children? Do you have visitors often? What kind of behaviors have you trained into or out of a dog? What would happen to this pet? If you lost your job do you plan to add more pets to your household after adopting and if so, when and what kind and sex? What type of food do you plan to feed? this animal? Where do you see yourself in x# (depending on dog’s age) of years? Where do you see yourself in double that # of years? Will you be purchasing pet insurance? That’s something should happen to you who would take this animal for you?

Adoption Requirements

& Process

You fill out our application completely, answering fully. We call you and ask & answer questions.

What we looks for in homes…

Stability (life, job, housing). Long term employment, relationships, & housing. We rarely home to renters, as large dogs are rarely accepted by landlords, and most yards need some degree of additions for containment. Large, fully fenced backyards. Some of the dogs need lean-ins & dig guards. Experience with difficult dogs / animals. Some dogs need other dogs in the home, and some need to be the only dog.

Most require a household where guests are rare. We rarely have a dog we’d rehome with kids, or to young couples who might have kids. Most need a quiet household, very few of the dogs are social. All other cats/dogs in the home must be spayed/neutered. We talk to vets.

We do a Meet and Greet with the dog you’re interested in, your whole household, and any dogs all present. We do a Home Visit. If out of town we get another rescue to do this for us, or do a video call walk through. You pay the adoption fee via credit card over the phone by calling Crux Rock Gym during open hours. Our dogs are the cost of an average spay / neuter in our area.

We fill out ownership transfer paperwork and call our vets to tell them who to transfer med history to. Adopting a dog is not a small decision and we want to make sure you’re getting the right dog for you.

Fee Information

Adoption fees help to ensure that animals get the care they need and that rescues can continue operating. They also help ensure that the homes adopting the animals have the financial means to adequately provide for their ongoing care and needs.

Our costs include, but are not limited to:

  • Spay/Neuter, Vaccines, Dewormer & Flea Treatment, Supplements
  • Breed Analysis/DNA
  • Food and Supplies: bones and chew toys, dog houses, water and food dishes, leashes and collars, toys, crates, towels
  • Housing and Transportation: kennels, additional fencing needed for fosters homes, vehicle/gas for transport to/from meet and greets, adoption events, etc
  • Adoption Counseling and Support for Adopters

At Crux Pet Adoptions, we believe when you adopt a pet from a rescue, you are giving them a second chance at life and also helping to reduce the number of animals who are euthanized in shelters each year. You may pay more up front than if you get one from someone giving an animal away, but you usually save money, time, and grief. Animals have worth and are not something to be taken lightly or passed around.

We hope this information helps to explain why animal rescues charge adoption fees. We appreciate your understanding and support.

Not ready or able to make a long-term commitment?

 Consider becoming a foster parent!

Fostering provides a temporary home and a loving environment for pets in transition, giving them the care, attention, and housing, they need while we are finding their forever families.

If interested, fill out our foster application

Pet Adoptions

If you are interested in adopting a pet please fill out the form below.


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