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rock climbing lessons


Belay Lesson (15-20 Mins) 

For those with some climbing experience.

This class covers:

  • Tying a figure 8
  • Safety checks
  • How to use a Grigri to break, take, & lower
  • Climbing commands

Cost: $22 for 1 person (must have a friend to belay), $30 for 2 people

Intro to Climbing (1.5 Hrs)

For people who are new to climbing. 

The class covers:

  • Route finding 
  • Bouldering
  • Auto belays
  • How to Belay 
  • Practice time

Cost: $75 per person, $60 for members.

Intro to Lead (1.5 Hrs)

this class is for those who have a Crux belay certification already, and can flash 5.9’s.

The class covers:

  • Gear safety and rope management
  • Lead belaying and spotting
  • Correctly clipping quick-draws and anchors
  • Proper hand and body position while clipping
  • Risk management

Cost: $85 per person, $68 for members.

Lead 2 Lesson (1.5 Hrs)

Refresh or expand upon your leading experience and knowledge.

The class covers:

  • Clipping
  • Rope Management
  • Feeding Slack
  • Hard vs Soft Catches
  • Practice Falls

Cost: $75 per person, $60 for members.

Requirement: To sign up for this class, you must be belay certified and proficient in climbing 5.9 or above. 

Anchor Building Lesson (1.5 Hrs) 

Learn how to build your own anchors to expand your lead climbing potential.

The class covers:

  • Set up and equalize several types of anchors for hanging top ropes.
  • Tie and use various knots and equipment for anchors.
  • Safely clean top rope anchors.
  • Rappel from anchors

Cost: $85 per person, $68 for members.

Intro to Trad Climbing (2 Hr)

Trad is a style of rock climbing where the climber uses removable gear for protection and anchors. This class covers the basic gear and skills required to lead trad climbs outdoors.

The class covers:

  • Types of trad gear
  • Placing and evaluating protection.

  • Route finding and mental aspects of trad.

  • Mock leading.

  • Evaluating and managing hazards.

Cost: $225 for up to 2 participants. $180 for members.

Requirement: Must be Lead Certified at Crux.

Crux to Crag (1.5 Hr)

Come experience the thrill and challenge of outdoor climbing!

Climbing sessions are at Skinner Butte Columns, just a few blocks from the gym. We set the anchors & ropes, and provide belays for climbers who are not belay certified. Sign up with a friend, or alone and make new friends. 

Cost: $95 per climber (4-6 climbers max) 

No experience and no gear necessary – we provide both!

Private Instruction (1 Hr)

Strengthen your technique and expand your climbing knowledge with a private instructor who will take you to the next level.

Cost: $75 per hour, $45 for 1/2 hour
*Package rates available

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Youth Classes

Our Climb Classes offers kids a great opportunity to learn the fundamentals of rock climbing while making new friends.


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401 West 3rd Ave.
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Sat: 10 am - 6 pm
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