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COVID-19 Updates

Crux Cafe is open Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm.

December 03, 2020

For further Covid-19 updates, please see our latest Newsletter.

November 24, 2020

The Jam:

We are closed to the public due to government shutdown of gyms. Youth classes continue as do private lessons per government allowances. Crux Café remains open for takeout drinks. 

We continue to need your support! Please do not freeze or cancel Memberships if possible. If you aren’t a Member, but want to support Crux, you can purchase a Gift Certificate for yourself or a friend for this holiday season. Gift Certificates can be purchased over the phone at 541-484-9535 and picked up or mailed to you or your desired recipient along with a complimentary card.

Ask the Government to Re-open Crux:

In an effort to save our gym and other businesses in Eugene, we have reached out to our government representatives asking them to reopen gyms. We have created a sample letter for anyone willing to join us. Beneath, we included names, positions, and contact information of those in office that you could reach out to.

Dear _____________,

As a gym go-er, I and others in my community are struggling without the physical and mental benefits of indoor physical activity during the Oregon fall and winter months. It is difficult to understand why our gyms cannot be open when no cases have been tracked to fitness facilities, and especially when personal services which require close contact are allowed.

I rely on physical training and indoor rock climbing as an outlet for physical activity and mental health. Preserving health should be encouraged at this time as a strong body and immune system are vital to warding off disease and illness. The last 8 months have been incredibly stressful for many people, and private fitness studios and indoor climbing gyms offer a safe space to stay healthy. Thank you for doing all you can to help our community! 


November 17, 2020

Government’s Latest Restrictions:

We are being shut down again this Wednesday. Closure is slated for Nov 18th through December 2nd. If at all possible we will remain open by appointment. After Tuesday call 541-484-9535 to enquire about an appointment. 

Youth classes are excluded from shutdown and will continue as scheduled through next week then take their scheduled break for Thanksgiving the following week and return the week after.

You all have been amazing throughout this chaotic surprising year. Thank you especially to those who have kept paying their membership dues since March! We would not be here without you!

We continue to need your support:

We keep our prices beneath industry standard to make climbing more affordable but in doing so we only make enough money to pay monthly expenses. As owners, Morgan and I receive no pay from Crux though together we work full time here. This gym wouldn’t be sustainable without our working for free. Our personal training business, run out of the fitness area of the gym, allows us to do this as it sustains our family. If you are interested in personal training we would love to talk to you! 

We have watched too many Eugene businesses go out of business during this; Townshend’s, Barn Light, Turtles and The Loft, Lovakava, Wandering Goat, the High Street St Vinny’s, The US Gymnastics Academy, to name a few that we miss. We are grateful to be among those who are still open. If you are currently a member, please help us continue to pay our staff and bills by continuing to pay your membership dues. We are here largely because of our members, as dues cover about 1/3 of our monthly overhead. If you haven’t already joined, and keeping Crux alive is important to you, please consider starting a membership today to help support the gym!

You can sign up on our website and we will get you started with a Crux Membership. Another way you can help and keep climbing is to call and sign up for Private Lessons during closure. We also have Gift Cards available for purchase we can put in the mail for you anytime for that special someone over the holidays.

November 03, 2020

October Finances:

Construction was needed to make the building water proof this month. Water has been getting in for years and with the help of Blackstone Masonry we are trying to put an end to it. Half of this bill was paid this month and the other half will come out next month. Insurance is a once a year payment thankfully. The Cafe is moving from drinks alone to food in November and we are hopeful it will survive and thrive and that we will see more members unfreezing soon! 

September Finances:

September was a tough month for us, finishing with a deficit of about $9,400. We paid for the café construction, which was the main reason our expenses were so high this month. Hopefully with the addition of the café, we will see more income coming in.

September 10, 2020

August Finances:

August was a good month! Thanks to Youth Semester Class and our additional camp sign-ups we were able to profit over $7,000! (The Youth Semester runs from September until mid December.) 

We saw a slight increase in membership dues and in product sales (Yay! Thanks for shopping with us!). Operating expenses are lower this month due to having included the gear we bought last month for inventory into that bracket. Payroll increase is due to hiring and training new staff members from seasonal turn over.

It’s been a good month and perfect timing before the rain returns; we are now able to hire a mason to do the work needed to seal the building so that we don’t experience the leaking that we did last rainy season! 

August 4, 2020

We Need Your Help:

We covered our June expenses with summer camp sales, but in July we ended with a deficit of almost $7,000. To cover our losses we used funds from the PPP loan, which at this rate will be gone next month. We are hoping more of our frozen members reactivate soon to keep the doors open, lights on, and staff employed! Here is a breakdown of our July finances:

Our operating expenses were higher this month because of quarterly taxes that were late due to COVID. We increased our product line to improve our gear selection for sale in hopes of increasing money flow in the future. There was also a purchase of additional climbing holds that is necessary from time to time.

Thank You!

Thank you to all who have continued their monthly membership payments throughout the closure and beyond! And thank you to each of you who have supported us by purchasing products, gift cards, and especially to those who have donated their money and time.

July 24, 2020

New Mask Mandate:

Beginning today, July 24, face masks are required at all times while indoors, per Governor Brown’s executive order. If, during physical activity, you feel faint or light-headed, we recommend you go outdoors, remove your mask and take in some fresh air.

New Study Suggests Climbing Chalk Significantly Reduces Coronavirus Viability on Surfaces

July 17, 2020

We Are Open for Everyone!

You don’t have to be a member to climb with us! Drop in anytime during open hours and grab a Day Pass, a boulder only pass, a 10-Punch Pass, or a Membership!

Current Hours:

Monday – Friday: 10:00am – 10:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am – 6:00pm
Sunday: 12:00pm – 6:00pm

Members Only Hours:
Monday – Friday: 6:00am – 10:00am

Not ready to come back yet? You can still show your support by purchasing gift cards or purchasing your gear here to climb outside!

July 9, 2020

Masks: The Lowdown:

Face coverings are required to enter Crux. Per our governor’s mandate, they may be removed when engaged in strenuous physical activity. The governor mandates that you keep them on indoors when not exerting.

Member Only Hours are Back!

Monday through Friday from 6am-10am is returning to Members Only Hours beginning Monday July 12th. Get your fitness on before work!


Last month, we were excited to announce we profited $856.83 without needing to use any more of our PPP Loan. We were able to profit because of Summer Camp sales, which totaled $6,300. Camps are now filled for the summer. Fortunately we still have our PPP loan at our disposal to cover any losses for the next few months.

March 10th we had 220 active members and 54 frozen members. April 10th we had 134 active and 115 frozen. March is indicative of the previous year and April numbers still hold true this month. Our daily sales in Feb averaged $855 a day with memberships and all included. In April it was $503 and in June $701 with summer camps and $490 without. 

Cafe Coming!

Crux Cafe is coming soon! The cafe will offer a menu with handmade sandwiches, wraps, snacks, smoothies, coffees and teas. We are passionate about whole organic real food to feed active bodies and creating a space for people to meet with friends.

Unfreeze Yourself

Have you missed us as much as we’ve missed you? Frozen Members can unfreeze at any time. Simply fill out the online change form, pay the current month’s dues, and climb on! We are looking forward to seeing you again!

July 1, 2020

Crux Community,

Beginning today face coverings will be required to enter Crux. Per regulation, face coverings may be removed when the user is engaged in strenuous physical activity. The governor mandates that you keep them on indoors when not exerting. Below you will find our complete list of changes this week along with our as-of-late general information and guidelines for using Crux.

Current Hours:

• Crux is open 6am – 10pm Monday through Friday.
• 10am-6pm on Saturday, 12pm-6pm on Sunday.
• Appointments are required for use of the upstairs fitness gym at all times.
• To book an appointment follow the instructions on how to book.

Safety Protocol:

• Masks are required for entry now, but may be taken off as needed during physical exertion.
• Wash your hands upon first entering.
• Maintain 6-foot social distance.
• Stay home if you’re sick or have any symptoms of illness or allergies (sorry allergy sufferers!)
• Stick to one belay partner per visit unless in same household & use hand sanitizer between belays.
• Drinking fountain is unavailable but bottle fill station is on.
• Showers are available with use of your own towel.
• Closed containers only on the water table.
• No street shoes on the climbing floor.
• Street shoes are required in the bathrooms.
• Keep your shoes off counters & tables.
• Return our shoes & harnesses into basket beside front desk.
• No sharing chalk. We are not loaning it at this time. We have liquid chalk & chalk bags & balls for purchase.
• Ask Crux Staff if unsure of policy.


We are pleased to announce we came out $856.83 ahead this month without needing to use our PPP Loan! Due to not being behind this month and feeling hopeful that we will continue to make our overhead we have decided to open up our weekend hours to a set schedule of 10am -6pm. This means that weekend appointments are no longer needed. We are hoping we will be back to our regular weekend hours soon. 

June 10, 2020

Dear Community,

We have begun Phase Two of reopening! Here are the differences:
• After seeing the actuality of how many people can safely use the facility we have increased our attendance to a max of 18 climbers and three gym users at a time. 
• Anyone can book a climbing or fitness gym appointment by following the instructions on how to book a climb time. Please let us know if you are not able to make your appointment! 
• We prefer you sign waivers online before you arrive if you are new to the facility or haven’t been in in a while, but if you can’t we have one iPad available for filling out documents.
• Showers are now permitted for use, but you must bring your own towel.

Thank you all for your continued patience, willingness to make reservations, and understanding!

Safety Protocol:

• Wash your hands upon first entering Crux.
• Maintain a 6-foot social distance.
• No rope in your mouth, Lead Climbers! 
• Only closed containers on the water table.
• Closed containers are also allowed in the upstairs fitness area.
• No street shoes on the gym floor.
• No climbing shoes worn off the climbing floor.
• Street shoes are required in the bathrooms.
Drinking fountain is unavailable though bottle fill station is available.
• Stay home if sick or have allergy symptoms (sorry allergy sufferers!)
• Masks are not required, but if wearing one, follow all proper mask-wearing procedures.
• Always ask Crux Staff if unsure of policy, or procedure.


Thank you to everyone who has helped us through the closure and Phase 1. We could not have made it through without your help! We are feeling super optimistic about the future! We are no longer asking for help as it now seems the PPP loan will be forgivable with the latest changes they’ve written in. We have decided to continue to be transparent with our monthly estimates just to keep you updated for those who continue to ask and so you can see when and how the PPP is used. 

EIDL Loan: We received a $7,000 EIDL loan, which payed our April deficit of $3,527 and provided $3,473 toward our May deficit, leaving us with a final deficit of $4,289 for May.

PPP Loan: We received a $20,000 PPP loan, which paid our May deficit, and left us with $15,711 to pay future monthly deficits.

June 3, 2020

Dear Community,

Welcome Back!

We are now welcoming all climbers by appointment!

We are still limiting attendance on the climb floor to no more than 10 climbers and 3 gym users at a time. To book a climbing or fitness gym appointment, see our instructions on how to book a climb time

Starting June 10, we will begin unfreezing and allowing new memberships, but will be limited to the first 10 people / families, to avoid making it difficult for anyone to book prime times.To unfreeze, fill out a membership change form. To start a new membership, fill out a membership agreement form. Both forms are accessible through our website also. We will accept these forms on first come / first serve basis. 

Thank you all for your continued patience, willingness to make reservations, and understanding as we move through new terrain!


Here is our actual expenses and income from May. As you can see, we ended May with a deficit of $4,288.56, mostly due to the concrete work on the new sidewalks outside. The new sidewalk project was an obligation in our lease agreement, and we are happy to say it’s complete! As for our deficit this month, we are using our PPP Loan to cover it. For a more detailed breakdown of our May expenses, click here.

May 27, 2020

Dear Crux Supporters,

Welcome Back!

Week 2 of Reopen! We opened the gym for paying members by reservation last week and have slowly transitioned into allowing Day Pass Users and Punch Card Users during slow times. Thank you all for your continued patience, willingness to make reservations, and understanding as we navigate this new terrain!

We still are in Stage One of reopening, which means we are limiting attendance on the climb floor to no more than ten climbers and three gym users at any given time. For information on reserving climbing spots, see our instructions on how to book a climb time.


Thank you all for your continued support! Your willingness help during a time of closure really shows what a wonderful community we belong to. Because we must limit the number of people entering the facility, we are still struggling to make our monthly overhead. To break even for May, we need to raise another $2,556.58 in the next four days. 

May 20, 2020

Dear Crux Supporters,

We’re Open!

We are happy to announce we are officially re-opened for current paying members. We are going all out and opening for our full hours to give you as much climb time as possible:

Monday – Friday | 6:00am – 10:00pm
Saturday | 10:00am – 10:00pm
Sunday | 12:00pm – 8:00pm

As we re-open, we are moving forward in stages per government mandates. Currently we are in Stage One which means limiting the number in attendance on the climb floor to ten and the attendance in the fitness gym to three. We would love to allow access to everyone at this point, limiting to currently unfrozen members is keeping our income at COVID closure levels, but we first need to make sure that we have enough slots for Members.

If you are a Day Pass User or Punch Card User who has a flexible schedule, you can email or call to get on a Wait List to be offered slots that don’t fill, usually before 4:00pm.

For information on reserving climbing spots see our website COVID link.


Thank you for your continued support and prayers! We are incredibly humbled by the outpouring of assistance. We are lucky to be part of this climbing community that so graciously supports one another. 

Because we are limited in the number of people entering the facility, we are still struggling to make our monthly overhead. As of today, we have an estimated deficit of $4,163.23 for the month of May after drawing membership dues.

May 16, 2020

Dear Crux Members and Guests,

Thursday at noon Governor Brown approved Phase 1 of reopening for Lane County and gyms were included! We are so grateful to all of you for supporting Crux this far and we want to be back in action for you as soon as possible so each of you can decide for yourselves whether to climb.

As of Monday, May 17, we will open regular hours but by reservation only. We will be taking reservations for climb times from Active (unfrozen) Members. For now we are limiting numbers to 15 climbers and 3 people in the upstairs exercise gym. If your account is currently frozen you can request to unfreeze at any point and it will take effect June 10th. 

To schedule
You must be an active paying member. 
You can schedule for yourself and a friend but must include their full name and they must also be an active member. 
Climbing appointments are limited to 2 hours. This limit might change if demand exceeds hours available.
Use of fitness gym will be scheduled separately from climbing appointments. Fitness gym time is limited to 1 hour. If you want to use both areas on your visit let us know in your email and the time period for each. 
Call Crux or email marrawatson@cruxrock.com with your desired date and time, include alternative times & days. 

Stay home if sick.
Stay home if coughing, sneezing, wheezing, etc from allergies. We are so sorry!
Wash your hands upon first entering the facility before approaching the front desk.
Showers and drinking fountain are off limits but bottle fill station is usable. 
Maintain one empty belay anchor station between climbers.

And the usual Rules:
Street shoes must be worn in bathrooms. 
No street shoes on climbing floor.
No climbing shoes worn off climbing floor.
No putting the rope in your mouth while lead climbing.
Wipe down fitness equipment with sanitizer after every use, spraying all surfaces touched and breathed upon.

Use hand sanitizer between tie ins.

Kid Classes 
We will be sending an email out shortly to all enrolled students. Thank you for your patience! 

Thank you again for being awesome and realizing we are doing the best we can with the information, situation, and timing we are given. We believe in the resilience of our community and in respecting differing opinions and choices! 

Member Only Hours: 

Available by reservation only
Monday-Friday:  6am – 10pm
Saturday: 10am – 10pm
Sunday: 12pm – 8pm

May 13, 2020

Dear Friends,

Re-opening Crux is on the horizon we believe. As excited as we are to re-open, we also must be cautious for the sake of our community and to stay within the guidelines that are outlined by our government. It’s all clear as mud right now, but we are staying tuned and looking to see what climbing gyms in states that have already opened are doing as an example. Most climbing gyms are limiting to Members only and doing away with the monthly free Member Passes for friends in order to help limit numbers and keep social distancing. We may start by taking appointments for a time, in which you would call ahead and book a time to climb. We are just throwing out the probable, but nothing is set in stone, more scratched in dirt at this point. We would love to know how you are feeling about reopening. Please take our Reopening Survey at the bottom of this newsletter! We will sign you up to win a hangboard for your home as a thank you.


Last Friday we received a PPP loan in the amount of $20,000. The loan is designed to provide a direct incentive for small businesses to keep all of their workers on the payroll. The SBA will forgive loans if all employees are kept on the payroll for eight weeks and the money is used for payroll, rent, mortgage interest, or utilities. We were not able to keep everyone on payroll as two of our employees quit in the early days of COVID, so we don’t know what that will look like for us and are hoping not to have to go into debt.

Here is our current financial situation for the month so far. Without using money from our EIDL loan or PPP loan, we have an estimated deficit of $7,700 for the month, as of Monday. With the EIDL, which we understand to be forgivable for us, applied to deficit in April, we have $3,472.82 left to apply to May.

May 5, 2020

Dear Community,

Thank you!

Thank you all for the outpouring of help in March and this last month! Because of You we have been able to push forward with hope and expectation for better days. With this time and your encouragement and support we are taking full advantage of the hours to clean, fix, and improve the gym.

After calculating our actual income and expenses for April, we ended with a deficit of $3,527.17 (Our monthly expenses were higher than expected.) But even though we show a loss in April, last week we received a $7,000 EIDL Loan, which will cover the loss and provide a cushion for May. If you want a more detailed accounting of April expenses click on the chart below. 

*The EIDL loan covered our April deficit of $3,527.17, with a leftover amount of $3,472.83 which will be applied to May.

April 27, 2020

Dear Climbing Community,

When we closed our doors per Governor Brown’s executive order we were unsure of what to expect or how to navigate through this, but we knew we would need your help, and help you did! We have received your phone calls, emails, and Facebook messages filled with support in various forms. We have filled, shipped, delivered, and scheduled order pick-ups over the last several weeks. We went through almost all of the product we had on hand, and purchased more to complete your orders!

Because of your generous help, we reduced our monthly deficit from $5,082 to only $55.70! We feel very blessed to be a part of this climbing community, and could not meet our needs without your efforts. At the beginning of May we will post our exacts for April, rather than estimates, and our May estimates will replace our April Estimated Monthly. We are hoping that mid-May we will be able to reopen and see you all again!

April 20, 2020

Dear Climbing Community,

Thank you for bringing us so much closer to meeting our monthly overhead! Since we sent out our last email asking for your help, you have decreased our April deficit from $5,082 to only $1,055! We are so grateful to each one of you who are pitching in to help sustain Crux through this closure! 

Financial Assistance Update:

We applied for PPP and EIDL loans from CARES Act but were informed last week that the funding for the loans ran out before they got to us (we applied the day they started taking applications.)

April 8th, 2020

Dear Crux Supporters,

There is no us without you! This email is to address the questions we have been receiving about how Crux is handling the COVID-19 incurred financial shortages. The goal of this newsletter is to be very transparent so that you can see how your support is keeping us afloat.

First, I want to say how grateful we are for the community of Crux. I especially want to thank all of the members who have chosen to continue membership payments! As you will read below, you are a huge part of how we move forward.

Our Employees

During this time, we have kept our long term employees, Ryan and Jess, who are working on office and gym improvement projects for as many hours as they are able to. We do not believe in sacrificing people for a business.


Several people have requested that we be transparent with our finances since we are asking for help without our regular and necessary income. Below is a chart of our estimated monthly income and expenses for April, so you can see the facts.

As you can see, we have a monthly shortage of $5,082.25, if everyone sticks with us through this next billing cycle. 

In addition to our expenses listed above, we are under contract with our landlord to repair the aging sidewalks around our building, and address roofing and electrical problems we are currently having as we occupy an old building. In exchange for lower rent we signed a lease saying we would deal with any and all building repairs and issues. We have the personal savings to do this, but not to do these things AND keep a business from folding during closure. We have applied for EIDLA and PPP loans but don’t seem to be eligible for the deferment due to recent employee turnover pre-COVID. 

Last year we physically netted $2,000, though our taxes show we lost $6,000 after adding depreciation. We, the owners, Morgan and Marra, take no salary or payment of any kind from Crux. Crux is not funded with business loans, only personal savings.


Our landlord got back to us today saying he will waive our May rent, and if still closed in June, he will waive that too! Our credit card processor reduced our March and April fees by more than half. 

Additional Ways to Help 

If you would like to be part of keeping Crux going through this difficult time, here are a few ways one of our Members came up with:

  • Offer to increase your monthly dues during this time. This one is huge because it is a monthly guarantee to help with our monthly bills and payroll.

  • Make a one time gift to Crux by calling or using the donation form on our website.

  • Purchase products like Crux shirts, tape, harnesses or chalk bags. If you are wanting to extend even more generosity, you can request to pay a higher price, and we will adjust to whatever you request. The member who shared this idea purchased a roll of climbing tape for $25 this week!

Our Commitment to Transparency

Each week we will update our monthly income and expenses sheet, so you can see and understand our monthly needs and how close we are to meeting our obligations.

The Future

We are very grateful for those who have chosen to continue their monthly dues, and to purchase merchandise, 10 punch passes and gift cards. Thank you to those who have reached out with words of encouragement. We are hopeful for the future, and with your support we will make it through this! We are committed to Crux and are grateful for your support.


Your Crux Team

March 24th, 2020

Dear Crux Members,

As most of you know, Governor Kate Brown closed all non-essential businesses as of March 24th. Our normal billing date of April 10th is approaching, and we are asking all members to choose one of the following options:

  1. Continue supporting Crux by paying monthly dues. Choose your normal monthly amount, or a custom amount.
  2. Freeze your membership for $5/month.
  3. Terminate your membership. ($50 re-initiation fee applies upon re-joining)

The reason we are asking for your continued support during this time of closure is that Crux is not yet financially viable on it’s own. In 2019 Crux made $2,000 after expenses, and the year before Crux lost money. The owners receive no pay from Crux and have volunteered 100% their time since taking ownership of Crux. We know some of you are also feeling the financial effects of COVID-19, and we definitely understand if you need to make changes your membership during this closure. For those who do not freeze or terminate in this time, if any stimulus money becomes available to Crux, we will update you immediately and change our approach.

If you are needing to freeze your membership at any point, please make sure to complete the Membership Change Form before the 5th of the month that you want it to take effect. *Please be advised that if you do not opt-out by filling out the Membership Change Form you will continue to be billed your normal monthly amount on April 10th.

We are so thankful for those who have and are able to stick with us through this! Your continued financial support in this time makes all the difference. Remember to stay healthy and keep in touch through Facebook. We look forward to climbing with you again!


The Crux Team