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General Information

All climbers under 18 must have a waiver form signed
by parent or guardian in order to climb.

Participating as a member of our Crux Junior Team gives your kids (age 11-19) an exciting opportunity to really excel in climbing. Our experienced coaches teach advanced combing techniques, both in the gym and during several outdoor trip to Sisters Bouldering Area and to Smith Rock. Local climbing experts are invited to several team practices to give tips on training and what it takes to be a hard climber. And Junior Team members have the opportunity to compete with other junior teams in Washington and Oregon.

Our teams have experienced great success. In 1996, six members of our team were chosen to compete at the World Championships in Moscow, Russia! In 1995, a Crux Junior Team member won the Women's Junior National Championship Title (12-13 age group).
The team is limited to 20 members, by invitation only. Members must be dedicated to training and participating in local and/or competition events. Practice is each Monday and Wednesday from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. during the school year (September-May). For fees, membership, and other information, please call the Crux at 541.484.9535.


The A-Team has the opportunity to be sponsored by climbing companies. Team sponsorship should be regarded with utmost respect.

Team members are responsible to compiling a team resume and for soliciting companies that the team decides upon. Upon request, the coaches will help create a team resume and to contact companies.

Competitions are fun and a great learning experience. The average cost to enter a competition is $25.00, which usually includes a T-shirt. We will be carpooling to most of the competitions.

Suggested Readings
Flash Training and Performance Rock Climbing are two books that cover training for rock climbing in great detail. (You may purchase them at REI.)

Team members are expected to keep a climbing journal for recording objectives, goals, thoughts, and philosophies about climbing, workouts, and personal development.

Fundraising activities are encouraged. Let the coaches know what your ideas are and we will help you make it happen.

We will try to make two team outings each session, either to Smith Rock or to Sisters Bouldering Area, and depending on the weather. Team members will need to arranage carpooling. (In Smith Rock, we will most likely be camping on Bill Soule's land.)

There are many people working to help make the Junior Team successful. We welcome any comments and suggestions you may have regarding workouts, policies, and so on.

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